Welcome To The Home Sweet Home Virtual Event

Hosted by Jonathon Anderson

Welcome to the Event!

Let's get you started!

Start with the welcome video which explains how the event is set up, and how to get the most out of the Home Sweet Home Virtual event.

This event takes place over 3 days, with a couple of bonus days added at the end.  designated videos for each day will be available to view for 24 hours only. You can tune in throughout the day at your leisure and watch the content that will make the biggest difference for you. 

Event Brought to you by XYZ Realty

We at XYZ Realty appreciate all you have done to help us get to where we are, and so we want to show you that it has been noticed. For our customer appreciation week, we want to give you this gift that may bring you more peace of mind, perhaps save you some money, or give you some great ideas to implement in your home. Whatever you personally get from this event, just know that deserve it and more.

Day One - Inside and Out: Insights and ideas from decorating to digging in the dirt. Questions to ask, what to watch out for, and so much more

Starts: September 20, 2021 12:00 am

Suzannah Stanley

Create & Enjoy Blogger

DIY Room Renovation, Budgeting, & More

Suzannah's Page

Stefanie Strackbein

Pet Behaviorist of What Dogs Want, LLC

Pet Safety In & Around The Home, Protecting Furry Family

Stefanie's Page

Jaclyn Wise

Financial Coach for Fiscal Fitness Phoenix

How To Cut Costs & Save Money at Home

Jaclyn's Page

Jody Costello

Contractor Fraud Expert

The 10 Questions to Ask Every Contractor Before Hiring Them

Jody's Page

Shanti Rose

Piece by Peace Designs - Interior Designer

The Design Process & So Much More

Shanti's Page

Adam Lampert

Response Crew - Owner

It's All About The Right Handyman Service, Knowing When All You Need is a Handyman

Adam's Page

Andrea G. Vastis, MPH

NFPA - Sr. Director, Public Education

General Fire Safety Inside & Outside the Home

Andrea's Page

Melinda Myers

Gardening Expert / Horticulturist

How to Get Your Garden Started (Sponsored by Milorganite)

Melinda's Page

Rob Hale

Elite Results Realty - Real Estate Broker

Increasing Equity, Finding The Right Agent & More

Rob's Page

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Day Two - Top to Bottom: Let's talk roof, Feng Shui, Decluttering and more

Starts: September 21, 2021 12:00 am

Tom Maison

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation - Branch Manager

Lending Strategies To Reach Your Goals

Tom's Page

Tiffany Miller-Baker NCIDQ, LEED AP BD+C

Eleventh Floor Design - Interior Designer

10 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Space

Tiffany's Page

Jaclyn Wise

Financial Coach - Fiscal Fitness Phoenix

3 Steps To A Better Budget

Jaclyn's Page

JoJo Caramello

Professional Organizer - Higher Me Professional Organizing

Let's talk Decluttering

JoJo's Page

Will Lestrange

International Feng Shui Design Expert

The Where, What, Why and How of Feng Shui

Will's Page

Zach Oehlman

Real Estate Investor - Owner of the Valley Investment Club

Real Estate Investing Options & Education

Zach's Page

Duane Barney

General Contractor and Consultant / Owner of DCBuilds LLC

What You Need To Know When Hiring A General Contractor

Duane's Page

Brendan Carey

Prostruct Solar - Sales

Solar For Your Home Explained

Brendan's Page

Jason Payne

Owner - State 48 Roofing

Your Roof Maintenance & Why It Will Save You

Jason's Page

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Day Three - The Front to the Back: The Look, the Feel, Protecting your home, and more

Starts: September 22, 2021 12:00 am

Melinda Myers

Gardening Expert / Horticulturist

10 Low Maintenance Houseplants (Sponsored by Milorganite)

Melinda's Page

Kyle Trahan

Owner - Sagebrush Painting

Tips For A Successful Painting Project

Kyle's Page

Von Payne

Owner - East Valley Floors

Flooring Styles, Care & Finding The Right Company

Von's Page

Amber Pappas

OSHA Trainer, and National Speaker - Safety Help Today

On The Job Safety When Your Home is the Jobsite

Amber's Page

Shanti Rose

Piece by Peace Designs - Interior Designer

Affordable Design Ideas From Room To Room

Shanti's Page

Will Lestrange

International Feng Shui Design Expert

How To Transform Your Home With Feng Shui

Will's Page

Robert Keller

Owner of The Pool Shack AZ, LLC

Maintenance & Care For Your Pool, & Finding The Right Service Company

Robert's Page

Michele Steinberg

NFPA, Wildfire Division Director

Protecting Your Home & Family From Wildfire

Michele's Page

Christopher Charles

Founder and Managing Partner of Provident Law ®

Legal Means To Protect Your Home/Asset (Title, Estate & More)

Christopher's Page

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