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In our Virtual Events, we look first and foremost to make sure the audiences get incredible value! Speakers provide incredible insights and wisdom that help the audience grow & succeed. My team and I, also make sure that it's a HUGE win for EACH Speaker as well. I would like to give you an opportunity to provide great value while growing your contact list.
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I would be honored to have
you as a speaker on the

The Ultimate
Homeowners Resource

As an inspiring leader you make a huge difference when you share your insights & wisdom, and this helps homeowners of all types succeed with confidence.
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Next Steps

Our goal is to make this a simple process. We value you and your time. Follow these steps and you’ll be all set.
Schedule a conversation by Clicking the Link Above: Click the link, it will take you to my Calendly page. Select a time that fits your schedule and we’ll chat.
Schedule Your Interview: After scheduling your interview you will receive an email with interview preparation steps, and a zoom link to connect and record your interview! Easy enough.
Share the Event with Your Audience: Share this valuable Event with your audience to help them learn from you and other inspiring professionals.They will thank you! (we do require all speakers to promote 2-3 emails about their presentation).

I want to highlight your

It is an honor to have worked with a variety of professionals across many fields, to assist in sharing their knowledge while increasing the awareness of what they have to offer.
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Thanks for joining us in helping build a community of informed and confident homeowners through your experience and expertise.

Benefits of being a speaker

Free Access for Your Audience

Free event attendance. Gets you back in front of your audience in a new fresh way.

35% Affiliate Commissions

On sales to the Upgraded Pass.

Create Strategic Partnerships

Creating relationships is paramount in growing a business. Relationships with your customers and with strategic partners. When you have other people and companies referring you business and you them, everyone wins. This event is a perfect opportunity to link up with other complimentary professionals and businesses for mutual growth.

Build your list!!

All speakers are given the ability to give away a free gift on their speaker pages which allows you to build your list from this event.

Create informed customers

How many times have you met with a client and walked away saying, "I wish they knew what I know." or "If they had seen what I have then they would know why this is so important." This is your chance to give your potential clients and customers the information they need. Having informed customers saves many headaches for you and them.

Your Message Will Live On!!

This event will be ran many times to new audiences in an ongoing process to assist and inform homeowners. That means you will get publicity, exposure, and leads into the future, beyond the initial event. It will be the most powerful and rewarding virtual event

Collaborative Marketing

In our Virtual Events we look first and foremost to make sure the audience gets immense value! Speakers provide incredible insights and wisdom that help the audience grow & succeed. My Team and I also make sure that it's a HUGE win for EACH Speaker as well. We would like to give you some valuable benefits & opportunities, as well as the ability to grow your list.

In return we ask that EACH speaker agrees to send a couple of emails to their list! When we ALL do this, everyone gets access to new & more followers/leads, and everyone WINS! Getting more engaged & qualified leads for sharing the message that matters to you is definitely Win/Win. This is the power of Collaborative marketing

Why create this event?

Have you ever had a moment, after dealing with something for the first time, and said, “If I had known … then I would have done things differently.” That phrase has been heard from me more than I wish to admit, and there are plenty of other people who have experienced
the same. Rather than having to search for hours online, wouldn’t it be nice to have a go to resource for home related info? Now there will be, why not have us be the ones to provide it?

How did I get started?

When life got turned on its head in the Spring of 2020, it was a time to decide on next steps. While furloughed, I pulled together professionals across many fields to provide insights on next steps and my first online event took place. That summit opened my eyes to the difference people can make sharing and working together. Being at home so much led me to creating this event. It became clear that our homes are the backdrop to the most precious things in our lives.
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Event Host:
Jon Anderson

Hi! I'm Jonathon (Jon) Anderson & I would be honored to have you as a speaker in the next Virtual Event! I get fired up helping others while Creating Events That Are A WIN For YOU & Your Audience!

Our Event Goals

This is what we anticipate for this upcoming event! This is just from the initial launch, not counting on going promotions we will do into the future.


Potential Auidence




Speaker Leads


Happy Speakers


Your effort will live on

With the system we have in place we will run this event to different audiences again and again. So you will reap the rewards not just once, but into the future!

The Ultimate
Homeowners Resource

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to a Home
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