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Jason Payne

State 48 Roofing - Your Roof Maintenance & Why It Will Save You

Jason Payne, owner of State 48 Roofing, has been serving the Arizona marketplace in the roofing industry for over a decade. Jason is a dedicated father, husband, business owner and friend whose focus has always been to serve humbly to those around him. In his time as Owner of State 48 Roofing he has spend hundreds of hours serving the community, and even created the #PushUpRoofer organization, which does pushups for every dollar raised for different charities around Arizona.

His slogan? #SexyRoofStatus has been a trademark of his and came out of the belief that yes, even roofs, can be sexy! State 48 Roofing specializes in everything from repairs and maintenance to fall roof replacements and much more.

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