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JoJo Caramello

Higher Me Professional Organizing - Let's Talk About Decluttering

I LOVE helping people to let go of things that no longer serve a useful purpose to who they are and to who they want to be. I LOVE helping people to be organized in ways that work for them. Organizing is not a one size fits all approach to create and implement effective, sustainable methods and habits. My approach is for each individual and how their mind works.

JoJo Caramello is a Professional Organizer based in Scottsdale, AZ. JoJo has been helping people to change their lives and their surroundings for over 20 years.  Her approach to Professional Organizing is like no other in her field. JoJo understands the challenges rarely, if ever, addressed when trying to get organized. Having experienced first hand the challenges of Chronic Disorganization and what leads us to accumulate things and why, even though you feel overwhelmed, it can be so difficult to let go of your "stuff". JoJo truly understands the blocks that keep us from getting organized.  And, also how to maintain good organizational skills to sustain realistic goals..

With compassion and empathy, she delves into the reasons, the thoughts, the feelings and obligations of why we hold onto things that no longer serve a useful purpose.  Often, these "things" we hold onto are what keep us from being and presenting an "Accurate Reflection" of who we are and how we want to present ourselves for ourselves, and to others. JoJo knows how to guide you to discern what does and what does not support the visions you have for yourself and your future. JoJo is a coach and a cheerleader who encourages and empowers her clients with understanding and enthusiasm!  She gets to the core of what our things represent to us and how to let go of those "things" that are obstacles that keep us from moving forward in our personal and professional lives.

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