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Robert Keller

The Pool Shack AZ - Maintenance & Care For Your Pool, & Finding The Right Service Company

Robert Keller is a swimming pool and spa professional, after spending just over two decades managing over forty employees for a multimillion dollar company he knows how relate with people. He knows it’s not all about making a sell today, but to listen and help direct his customers in the right direction. He also understands that direction will be different for every customer. Just two years after starting his business of 30 customers he had has now grown to over 115 full time service customers and has a lot more customers he does just repairs for. Robert has always had an insight for business and knows the business could have grown much faster, but he always held it back a little knowing if it grows too fast he’ll lose the edge. The edge being customer service, he’s realized in has past management position that is what customers expect and deserve. To this day that’s what drives him, providing great customers service.

Robert has a wide range of knowledge to include, water chemistry, electrical, plumbing, equipment install, equipment diagnostics, concrete, painting, structural crack repair, and remodels. He is licensed with the Register of Contractors and carries two commercial and residential licenses. Robert graduated high school in Iowa. He holds certifications in water chemistry, he’s advanced certified in scuba diving and does under water repairs. He also carries certifications for forklift operator and trainer, welding, heavy equipment operator, automotive steering, brakes, Freon recovery, air bags, hazardous fluid removal.

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