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Zach Oehlman

Valley Investment Club - Real Estate Investing Options & Education

Zach Oehlman graduated top of his class at Indiana University in Finance and Business Admin.  His specialty - Financial Valuation. After working in corporate America for a few years he saw that he was “Living the Dream” just not his dream. This is when he was introduced to Real Estate Investing.  

“But I don’t have any money” he said it when he first started, and now he helps those that are in the same position he was. He got educated on how to become a Real Estate Investor without having to use his own funds. 

He is a Published Author, and has invested in Single Family and Multi-Family Fix Rentals, Fix and Flips, Wholesaling, Contract for Deed, Short Term Rentals, Lease Options, Auctions, and more. 

Enter the Valley Investment Club, Zach has created a community of Investors that collaborate and help each other no matter what level you are at. Now when he hears “But I don’t have any money” he can bring them into a community that has been there and are moving towards their dreams anyway. 

Everyone Wins, Everyone Learns, Everyone Loves It. 

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